Relationships Fiction Talk

With Linda Gillard & Brooke Powley

2 November 2019 | 1:30pm – 3pm | £7.50

Dalton Community Centre
21 Nelson Street, Dalton-in-Furness, LA15 8AF

Chaired by Ron Creer

Whether families or lovers or friendships, relationships are important to all of us and thousands of novels are written about them.

Linda Gillard, from Scotland, has built quite a following for her unusual take on relationship writing: she eschews young romance for older couples and believes the setting of the stories is as vital as the plot. Her first novel’s title encapsulates this – Emotional Geology! She’s been an actress, a journalist and a teacher before moving from Norfolk to Skye to concentrate on writing.

Now she has eight books published and has a Facebook book group where she encourages people to discuss her work.

Her books include: House of Silence, Untying the Knot and The Glass Guardian.

Brooke Powley grew up in the Lakes but lived and studied in China before returning. Married with two children she started writing when her husband told her writing wasn’t that easy. In the last six years she has written three novels [but did she prove him right or wrong?] which have sold thousands of copies.

Her books include: The Missing Half and Letting Go of Emma.