Poetry Workshop

With Ann Grant & Kate Davis

2 November 2019 | 2pm – 4pm | £15

Art Gene
Bath Street, Barrow-in-Furness, LA14 5TY

Ann Grant began hosting poetry as a teenager and became addicted to writing and performing. Since then she’s had success as a stand-up, singer songwriter, community artist, playwright and blogger. She is still writing her first novel. She writes to highlight the positives in negative situations and to entertain. She also writes for her band 2 Baa Chords.

She is well known for hosting Verbalise in Kendal and for the many workshops and performances held in South Cumbria. Her writing is often focused on wellbeing and influenced by living with MS.

Kate Davis was born on the Furness peninsula and still lives in Barrow whose geography, where stone dissolves and hills are pitted with old iron ore mines, is central to much of her writing.

Kate is interested in the ways in which words work on us in ways outside of their given meaning. For the past twenty years she has studied, written and taught poetry. Her poems have been published in Iota and Muse, broadcast on BBC radio and printed on shopping bags. Her stories have been installed in street furniture, in the primates section of Manchester Museum’s natural history display. She gained an MA in Poetry from MMU and in 2013 was awarded a Northern Writers Award. Her first collection, The Girl Who Forgets How to Walk was published last year..

We are lucky to have two such local poetry gems running our workshop together.