LitFest 2018 Cancelled

Dear friends, we must sadly announce that Litfest 2018 has been cancelled. The Arts Council for England turned down our application for funds after many months of attempting to fulfil their criteria. We do have small amounts of funding from other sources which will keep Daltonia going and we can still host a Poem and a Pint on Saturday November 3rd, but that is all.

Our committee met last night to discuss the way forward and we are determined to carry on. But not this year.

Instead, we will hold our Festival biennially which will give us more time to plan a detailed programme and apply for funds much earlier. So Litfest 2019 is our target now and we have asked the writers we had earmarked for this year to put it in their diaries for next year instead.

Another change is to be our name. We feel that we have had as much if not more support from Barrow and Ulverston than from Dalton itself, so it felt right to call the festival “Furness Litfest”. I hope you agree. We still plan to hold most events in Dalton, the “ancient capital of Furness”, which is midway between the two larger towns but we want to draw upon experience and expertise from the whole of the peninsula. Indeed, if anyone is keen to join the committee and help plan for 2019, please get in touch. We are looking for someone who is used to applying for grants, who could work as our schools’ co-ordinator, has contacts in the literary world or anyone with imaginative ideas for spreading the word [pun intentional]. You may be a writer yourself or a retired teacher or a librarian or just a lover of books with time and inclination to help. We will be happy to meet anyone in Furness who has ideas to run a Litfest.

Looking forward to reading your responses.

Ron Creer, Festival Director