“Daltonia” was our 2018 special project funded by a Heritage Lottery grant. We chose drama as our focus and the history of Dalton as our context, with the content being three short plays commissioned to be written by local playwrights on some events in the town’s past. We appointed John Hall as Project Manager and Emma Bonney as Director; the plays were chosen [including one by a Dalton teenager]; eight local actors were brought in; local writers [Caroline Gilfillan and Kate Davis] helped with editing, and rehearsals took place.

Then, on December 14th, it all came together with the performances. “Evacuee” by Eve Whalley told the story of a teenage girl evacuated to Dalton from London and how she reacted to being in Furness. “Indelibly Inked” by Kirstie Pelling showed two very different modern artists talking about Dr William Close and his invention of indelible ink which one of the characters used in her tattoos. “The Return” by Dennis Toye told of the return to Cumbria of George Romney at the end of his life with his skills of painting portraits still in his mind.

We had a good audience who were also entertained by local poets, Kim Moore and Kate Davis, supported by archive resources on the three topics provided by Sue Benson from Barrow Library.

Many thanks to all who took part.